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Show off your democracy!

Tuesday is Election Day in the United States. Yes, unlike in civilized countries where elections are held on a non-workday, here in the big democracy we have to either get up early to rush to vote before work, or else rush to the polls after work and stand in line and hope the polls don’t […]

What’s the weather report?

The future of weather journalism can be glimpsed in this charming video. I love this. I even understood the math! And dig the guest reporter from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Brr! Technorati tags: journalism | video | weather

Careers in online journalism

My job requires me to talk to as many online journalists as I can about what they do in their jobs. A recent pair of surveys, written up by a Medill graduate student in an academic report (PDF) that has been widely linked already, provides information about the skills used in online journalism jobs, and […]

The death of Brad Will from his own camera

La muerte de Brad Will desde su propia cámara, posted at Mirá! — the video here has English subtitles. Translation of the post: Brad Will was a journalist with Indymedia. He died, assassinated by Mexican paramilitary forces on 27 October, in shooting during the uprising in Oaxaca. This video is a complete version of the […]

Risk and reward: What threat from amateurs?

A provocative interview with Tony Sleep, a freelance editorial photographer based in London, gets at the heart of some big questions facing visual journalists today: Photography has been emancipated by digital, but it has also turned into a bunch of headless chickens that have invented their own benchmarks — the snapshot, the banal and prurient, […]

Ohio River Ramble: Talking to the voters

To produce the online and print package Ohio River Ramble: Nine Districts in Nine Days, Washington Post journalists Jim VandeHei, Chris Cillizza and Chet Rhodes went to “one of this year’s most contested political regions” and found out that voters are angry. They visited five states snuggled against the Ohio River: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky […]

MVPs for October

The most visited posts on this blog last month, according to stats from Google Analytics and Performancing: Exploding the newsroom Good and bad at ONA conference Four nifty online production tools Flash for video? Here’s why Tips for blog writing Flash video tutorial Technorati tags: blogs | blogging | online journalism | online media