A close look at the newspaper blogs

Andrew Grant-Adamson at Wordblog has posted a thoughtful follow-up to his earlier post about the surprising number of very dull newspaper blogs. A sample:

There is no doubt that blogs have become a valuable element in the mix offered by newspapers. … But they are not a simple add on to an existing job. Blogging well takes time. … Newspapers need to be selective and think carefully about their policy. Blogs have to be an integral part of the business plan and show that they contribute to the achievement of the plan.

He’s got his eyes on the British newspapers. Someone (with more spare time than I have) should do the same over here.

I sure would like to hear whether some of those newspapers with two dozen blogs (or more) are monitoring the traffic carefully and making plans to clear away the dead wood. It’s probably high time to do so.

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  1. Newspaper blogs?
    Where people comment if they like the story or not?
    Never heard of that..

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