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Critiques of Flash graphics for the elections

Katie Ratcliffe, a graphics editor with Agence France-Presse, interviewed multimedia journalism educators Alberto Cairo, Laura Ruel and me about some major Flash packages that covered U.S. election topics. The interview (complete with links to the Flash graphics) is at The Editors Weblog. I like this comment by Laura in particular: What those who create presentations […]

MediaStorm sells exclusive rights to multimedia feature

In a four-day online auction, MSNBC.com won the exclusive Internet rights for a feature about Iraqi Kurdistan by photographer Ed Kashi. The feature was produced by MediaStorm. We’ll see the premiere on Nov. 13. Kashi originally shot the pictures on assignment for National Geographic. More details at PopPhoto.com, including this: The piece produced by [Brian] […]

Awesome action pictures — kayaking

Jacob Hannah made this Soundslides about the World Cup of Freestyle Kayaking for the Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times. First, the action shots are awesome! I just love looking at these. Second, the audio track is very interesting — Hannah intercut one-on-one interviews with a radio announcer calling the competition. The photo editing really works — […]

What a Web producer does (in a TV news job)

Call today “TV News Day” at my blog, because here is an informative inside look at the job of a TV news Web producer from Mike McGuff, a Web producer for KTRK-TV in Houston, Texas. Here’s part of what his interview subject, Amanda Norwig of KPRC-TV, also in Houston, had to say: The pace is […]

10 tips for reporters who go on camera

Yes, TV journalists are different. I don’t have a clue what some of these things mean. But hey, that only makes me realize that I still have a lot to learn. Ten Things I’d Teach New Reporters: A wonderful list from Lenslinger, and he really is talking to those people we see on camera, holding […]

Exploring Gannett’s "Information Center" idea

I was getting ready to do a list o’ links to all the buzz about the big announcement, starting with a memo posted by Romenesko on Nov. 3. Then I checked in at Google Blog Search and found out Jack Lail had already made a good list. So click on over to Jack’s blog and […]

A close look at the newspaper blogs

Andrew Grant-Adamson at Wordblog has posted a thoughtful follow-up to his earlier post about the surprising number of very dull newspaper blogs. A sample: There is no doubt that blogs have become a valuable element in the mix offered by newspapers. … But they are not a simple add on to an existing job. Blogging […]