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Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

Several people have contributed thought-provoking comments on my recent post about photojournalists doing multimedia work. They include Colin Mulvany, of The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Wash. (example slideshow: Brothers in Arms, produced by Mulvany with photos and audio by his colleague Brian Plonka); Aaron Vogel, a photo-j student at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa […]

Flash 9 player is here

I saw it first on Will Sullivan’s blog! I thought that was worth noting, because with all the mailing lists and Bloglines subscriptions I’ve got, by chance and by luck, I got it first from Will, who’s a pure journalism guy (albeit an online nerd, like me). Here’s the press release from Adobe (the artist […]

Put yourself in Darfur (Flash game)

MTV made a Flash game to explain some facts about the deadly situation in Sudan: Darfur Is Dying. News junkies: Check out this informative package from mtvU about Sudan. I just found this today. Looks like there’s a lot of material here that I can use in classes about online journalism. Technorati tags: journalism | […]

All about YouTube (like a rocket)

If you’re behind the times and not clued in to YouTube, NPR aired a good overview of YouTube on Morning Edition today. The audio is online now, and worth a listen. Related post (April 14, 2006): YouTube: $11.5 million, 176 million page views/month Technorati tags: video | online media | YouTube

A rallying cry to photojournalists

I believe discussion of change is good, and more information is always better than less, So with no further ado, I urge you to read Sion Touhig’s blog post about the ongoing evolution of photojournalism. Sample: In recent years, photographers (including myself) have failed in the most part to keep up to speed with the […]

Comparing photo slideshows online

I’ve been talking with a lot of people lately who are saying there’s no point in designing a new slideshow player. We should still make slideshows online, of course. They’re a great way to show off photography, and the added dimension of audio really completes the story. We have several inexpensive options for creating a […]

What I learned from the online photojournalists

I spent the weekend at the NPPA National Summit in Tampa, Florida, and as I expected, there was a lot to learn. Much of it came from Richard Koci Hernandez, a photojournalist who works at the San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News and produces the associated site MercuryNewsPhoto.com. Like Jen Friedberg, Seth Gitner, David Leeson, Brian […]