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Yes, search absolutely DOES drive traffic

In the past week or two, I have noticed that almost half my visitors to this blog come by way of search — mostly Google; then Yahoo! and MSN search; and then, Blogger and Technorati search. I mean … almost half! Who knew? Obviously, if I have figured this out, others have too. Notably, Chris […]

Blogging in the classroom

“Assignments to help students learn how to blog,” by Jill Walker, a professor at the University of Bergen, in Norway (she blogs in English). To learn how to blog, most students will need some specific assignments. I agree, and Walker offers some excellent ones. Technorati tags: blogs | education | teaching

What is a medium?

What are “new media,” anyway? Vin Crosbie has updated his really long article about new media, and it’s good. I disagree with his central idea, but it’s still good. Much of what he wrote needed to be said — especially that a lot of people don’t know what a “medium” is, much less what “media” […]

A Flash comic for storytelling

Talk about a cool interface! This would work for certain online journalism stories, I’m quite sure. It is sooo easy to use! This example comes from the great Web site of the great Scott McCloud, author of both Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics. I learned a LOT about storytelling from Understanding Comics back in 1993. […]

Map of all homicides in New York

Kudos to The New York Times, which used Google Maps to create a three-year (2003-2005) map of homicides in the five boroughs of New York City. The idea is copied from Adrian Holovaty’s award-winning Chicago Crime site, but that’s okay. If a newspaper is going to provide a crime map today, this is the way […]

More pieces of the storytelling puzzle

My questions about how to teach storytelling skills to journalism students persist, so I perked up when I saw an article by the producer of a TV documentary about physics. The title, Seven Rules for Making a (Science) Movie, didn’t grab me, but the blurb on the RSS feed was: “Filmmaker David Sington shares seven […]

Nobody cares what you think

An earnest young student described his plans to me last week: He wants to write a series of humor columns. Or maybe they would be entertainment columns. They might really be movie reviews. In any case, he would be telling us what he thinks about popular culture, you see? And if he puts these columns […]