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‘Slivercasting’ with Web video

From The New York Times (“As Internet TV Aims at Niche Audiences, the Slivercast Is Born,” by Saul Hansell, March 12, 2006): Slivercasting refers to a video channel that “is broadcast only on the Internet, which enables video to reach a much larger worldwide audience at a much lower initial cost than a satellite channel.” […]

Using Scenes in Flash

For intermediate Flash users only: I created a PDF for my students and put it online here; it explains how to use Scenes when authoring in Flash. It also explains a bit about using the bandwidth profiler. We are on Spring Break now, so the students’ fourth Flash exercise is not due until two weeks […]

‘Eat This’ – A Flash experience

The Web site for a Food Network TV show: Eat This. How appealing is this? Look at the little notebook at the bottom of the page. Check out the way the text on the right side supplements and enhances the video on the left. And look at the SIZE of that video! Wow! Technorati tags: […]

What are ‘Rich Internet Applications’?

A student asked me this recently. He had seen the phrase “rich media” in an article and thought the author was trying to coin a new phrase. I’m familiar with the phrase through Macromedia (now part of Adobe), which has long used the term to refer to Flash Web sites that incorporate databases. This week, […]

Where do blogs and ‘citizen journalism’ intersect?

From an article in AsiaMedia (March 7): “Blogging is more of an individual process, where you might write about personal issues in your daily life or comment on an issue that is important to you,” said Lam Oi-wan, editor of citizen media site InMediaHK (in Chinese only). “Bloggers don’t normally go out and report something, […]

Journalism students and Flash

In four short weeks, I’ve seen most of my 15 students in an advanced Web design course progress — with a lot of hard work — to where they can produce a decent little news package in one week. This is the busy middle of their semester too, so they all had lots of other […]

Using FlashPaper to put presentations online

Last week I used FlashPaper to convert a Word document to a PDF. It worked great! Today I used FlashPaper to convert a PowerPoint slideshow to a SWF file that will play in any up-to-date Web browser. Wow! You can see the presentation (SWF, 422 KB) for yourself. You need to know two things to […]