Spotlight on a great multimedia package

Today NPR did a radio story about one of my current favorite examples of great online multimedia, Folk Songs for the Five Points. I love this package not only because it’s different from anything else I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a LOT of multimedia) but also because it tells a story in a truly nonlinear way, a story about New York — specifically the Lower East Side, where I lived in 1982 when it was not yet the trendy boutique locale it later became. So maybe I have a bias, because I know these “songs”; they resonate in my memory and take me to a place that I once knew well.

I love so many things about this piece — the way it invites us to explore; the way it encourages us to listen before we read, before we see the photograph; and (sure, of course, absolutely) the way it uses Flash to do things we couldn’t do in print or broadcast media.

Folk Songs for the Five Points was produced for the Tenement Museum, not for or by a news organization.

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