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Which journalists should blog? And why?

Howard Owens: Every journalist should blog Bobbie Johnson: Why NOT every newspaper journalist should start a blog Both links via Andy Dickinson. Both Owens and Johnson make some excellent points, so probably you should read them both (neither one is very long) and mull it over. My two cents: If you (a) want to blog, […]

NPPA Multimedia Immersion

Everyone except me is at the NPPA Multimedia Immersion Summit. Good stuff there. Go look. Technorati tags: photojournalism | multimedia

Working smarter: Uses for Google Docs and Spreadsheets

I often run into journalists (and others) who have never heard of Google Docs and Spreadsheets. This free online software suite can really come in handy for a variety of situations. Basically, it’s like having your MS Word documents and MS Excel spreadsheets online, but private and secure from prying eyes. Unless you choose to […]

Keep your finger on the audience pulse

Scott Kirsner of the San Jose Mercury News wrote about the inescapable fascination of keeping tabs on your readers (On the Web, audience size matters, May 27, 2007): Andy Plesser, a public relations executive who publishes a video blog called Beet.tv, checks a Web page several times throughout the day that shows information about which […]

Photojournalism: A tough job getting tougher

An article in the May/June issue of Digital Photo Pro magazine discusses changes in working life for photojournalists (pp. 118-126). Not only are audiences for print vehicles decreasing — even the top names in the business aren’t getting nearly as many freelance assignments as they used to. The answer? Photojournalists must adapt. The advice comes […]

Compact package combines video and infographics

A nice story-as-graphic from USA Today: The future of car safety is avoiding crashes Yeah, I know, it doesn’t sound sexy. But it incorporates video and informative animations and text in a classy, clean layout, and it’s nice and big — but not TOO big. The three tabs at the top organize the story neatly. […]

More blogging goodness in journalism

Here are two spanking-new journalist blogs for you to sample. Ron Sylvester of the Wichita Eagle writes the socks off just about about every other blogger in the known universe in Multimedia Reporter: Stan grabbed a digital recorder and sat at my desk, which has a $17 phone recorder I’d picked up last year sometime. […]