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Videos from the boot camp

Since I haven’t been able to beat WordPress into submission, I posted the videos on separate page. These were shot and edited entirely by me on-site during the four-day Travel Channel Academy workshop.

I’m not claiming any pride in the videos themselves, but I’m happy with what I learned.

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  1. Angela Grant says:

    I had that same problem.

    There are some video plugins that allow you to embed videos.

  2. I have watched the videos and think it is fantastic to come so far during 4 days. Congratulation. If I should try to give a little feedback from my point of view… beeing a VJ trainer from Norway… I am sorry to see that it is the commentary that drives the story, not the footage. The best thing in storytelling like this in my opinion is to let natural situations be the motor in the story. This is the big advantage of being a VJ. You can collect “situation”. A Situation by definition is what happens when it happens, and being alone with the people on site, you can seach the situations that suites your story. A person singing is not enought.

  3. Mindy says:

    I agree with you, Gunnar. I heard the lectures, and I thought I was being so good to shoot and then edit only for the visuals. But in the end, the story was not in my footage. I was hoping to interview the singer, but he never turned off the canned music!

  4. Gunnar says:

    I know, there is always a reason. I like the siplisity of the restaurant, the atmosfare there. What about trying to find a person whom the story could be told throught. A “case”. And some times we need to interfare to bring up “situations”. Sometime we can use ourself in the story, like in a blog or roadmovie. A VJ sometimes have to use him/her-self as a dramaturgic “motor”. The conflict is wether I … something… feel at home or fightend .. or..i this caf√©. We always have to seach for a conflict in a way.
    An exsample might be this videoblog that I shot with my cellar phone

  5. Gunnar says:

    I forgot to say that in my exsample above I am with a collage, We are to VJs… using each other for comments. And further we are talking partly norwegian… might be a problem for you guys to understand.

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