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Catch-22 in journalism internships

Go to work for 10 or 12 or 15 weeks without any pay. Give up your ability to work full-time and save money for the coming school year. Pay rent in two places, if you can’t sublet your costly university-town apartment. And — oh, yeah — pay for three academic credits (at full price) at […]

Best multimedia packages judged by NPPA

Just a quickie in case you missed – NPPA: Best of Photojournalism 2008 Winners, Multimedia Packages Some surprises! Go and look! (Zach Wise’s “Soul of Athens” — yes! MediaStorm’s “Black Market” — yes!) Smart advice from the judges: This was a difficult category for us to judge because each entry had a little of everything […]

Dith Pran, 1942 – 2008

“One time is too many.” A moving video memoir of the Cambodian photojournalist, from The New York Times. I remember seeing the film “The Killing Fields” in 1984 and wondering how this could happen. Then it happened in Bosnia-Herzegovina , and in Rwanda, and in Darfur. Maybe more people were killed in Cambodia than in […]

Let’s delete the word ‘repurposing’ from our vocabulary

My friend Alf Hermida worked for BBC News online for many years, so please listen up: It is time to stop talking about repurposing and instead to start a discussion on how to re-imagine journalism. Alf’s been noticing that too many so-called online journalism textbooks spend too many pages discussing a practice that is just […]

Adding value: What journalists need to do now

From Phil Meyer, speaking on the occasion of a two-day symposium marking his retirement as Knight Chair at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication: The hunter-gatherer model of journalism is no longer sufficient. Citizens can do their own hunting and gathering on the Internet. What they need is somebody […]

2008 Olympics boycott talk — China vs. Tibet

A small news roundup … Reporters Without Borders: Beijing 2008 The Economist: Still Simmering (March 28) and Welcome to the Olympics (March 27) Global Voices: Tibet Protests 2008 BBC News: China Allows Diplomats into Tibet (March 28); excellent backgrounders in right-hand sidebar; Profile: The Dalai Lama Update (3:20 p.m.): James Fallows posted an interesting example […]

Learning from MSNBC.com (part 2)

Unlike that guy in the movie “The Graduate” who said just one word to Dustin Hoffman — “Plastics” — an MSNBC.com deputy editor had two words for journalism students: Databases and Flash. In fact, MSNBC.com’s Tom Brew told us he had been given those two words by Hal Straus, the interactivity and communities editor at […]