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The morning after Obama’s acceptance speech

Update (Nov. 5, 2008): If you are looking for video and a transcript of the speech by President-Elect Obama on Election Night, it is here. The text that follows was posted on Aug. 29, 2008: I would like to say for the record that I watched the convention on television. I watched it Tuesday, Wednesday, […]

The return of MultimediaShooter

Richard Koci Hernandez used to have this great blog called MultimediaShooter.com, and all of us online journalism junkies liked it — a lot! But it kept getting hacked, somehow, and Koci gave it up. Now MultimediaShooter.com is back! And since Web guru Scot Hacker at Cal Berkeley set up the WP install, I think maybe […]

Resources for doing online journalism

In case you never came across these short, handy lists — at Journalists’ Toolkit — take a moment and see whether they might help you out. There are brief guides to starting out in audio, video, blogging, Flash, layout and design, HTML and CSS, etc. If you have a good link to suggest, please leave […]

Rethinking the education of journalists

A lot of j-schools are starting, or in the middle of, curriculum reform. Many of these efforts focus solely on integrating the “new” skills that we use to produce journalism for digital media and devices. I meet and talk with other journalism educators at conferences and conventions, and it seems like just about everyone is […]

Live from inside the courtroom, via Twitter

A journalist is tweeting the closing arguments of a sentencing trial in Spokane — live. This is a capital murder case. The newspaper’s Twitter feed is here. WARNING: Some descriptions and references relate to extreme violence. More trial coverage from The Spokesman-Review appears on a special Web page. Journalists at The Wichita Eagle pioneered this […]

Behind the scenes: Make it even more transparent

I admire the journalists at The Spokesman-Review, in Spokane, Washington. They are doing great work in online video, redesigning their Web site, listening to their young staffers, and practicing transparency. Now their editor, Steven A. Smith, has posted an account of how and why the newspaper fought to have a horrifying video (of the torture […]

When good business sense goes bad

So I was thinking, as I read this Gawker post (because Will Sullivan linked to it, and I look at almost everything Will links to, except the Lego things), that maybe there’s a parallel between what happened to daily newspapers and … Walmart. You know, an enterprise gets big, then bigger, and wipes out all […]