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Timeline of online journalism milestones

Andy Dickinson took my list from yesterday and combined it with Paul Bradshaw’s list and constructed a cool timeline of online journalism milestones: Please upgrade your browser Visit Andy’s blog here.

Breaking news online: A short history and timeline

The events in Mumbai, and news coverage thereof, have got me thinking about big news events I remember having a significant impact online, or via online reporting. Maybe these are milestones in the evolution of news reporting. April 19, 1995: American terrorists (not Muslims) bombed a federal government building in Oklahoma City (168 people died […]

Twitter, Mumbai, and 10 facts about journalism now

I think everyone knows that what’s happening in Mumbai is on Twitter, being updated live. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch wrote about it on Wednesday, and he has a nice screenshot in the post to show you what it looked like then. Flickr and Wikipedia also provided frequent updates from the ground. Arrington didn’t mention Global […]

How to uninstall old Flash players

While doing a search on a Flash question, I came across a useful tip at — surprisingly — Fox News. A reader wrote to Tech Q&A and described a problem with Flash Player 10 and Windows Vista Ultimate. The reader is getting an error message that says the necessary version of the Flash Player is […]

Why no blog posts?

It’s been downright tough to even think about blogging lately, with a combination of regular work, extra committee work, and a trip to Argentina to speak at a conference and train journalists. If you’re looking for something to do over the long weekend (U.S. holiday), you might have a peek at my links and notes […]

Photojournalism sites recommended

This comes from Mark Luckie’s blog, “10,000 Words”: Amazing photojournalism: Where to find the best in news photography Nine sites — there’s sure to be one you don’t already know. I’m surprised he left out Magnum in Motion. Whenever I go browsing there, I find amazing stories.

Laptops for everyone: OLPC repeats ‘Give One, Get One’

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) will send one Linux laptop to a child in a developing country if you pay for two. You’ll get one to keep. That’s mine, above, from December 2007. Click the image to see my complete set of unboxing photos. Related posts: The $200 Linux laptop, fully loaded Microsoft doesn’t want […]