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A look at some job openings

Inspired by a post by Amy Gahran, in which she said today’s journalists will not find tomorrow’s jobs in news organizations — “at least, not in news orgs as we’ve grown accustomed to them over the last century” — I went poking around on JournalismJobs.com to see what I could find that sounded interesting, not entry level, and not impossible (e.g., “computer jesus”). Here’s a selection:

While some of these jobs are at traditional news organizations, I think they prove Amy’s point. Tomorrow’s journalism jobs are not jobs that existed when I got out of j-school at the beginning of the last recession (Reagan era) — and yet, these are not some crazy blogging-in-your-pajamas, pay-by-the-word jobs. In fact, they’re all listed in the Online Media section of JournalismJobs.com, where some qualified journalists might not even be looking.

These positions illustrate why all journalists (and would-be journalists) need to acquire skills in addition to writing. Amy suggests:

Also, today’s journalists can — and probably should — consciously shift away from jobs that revolve around content creation (producing packaged “stories”) and toward providing layers of journalistic insight and context on top of content created by others (including public information). Finding ways to help people sort through info overload is far more valuable than providing more information.

Amy also suggests that journalists add these three sites to their regular reading regimen: paidContent, Mediabistro, and Social Media Jobs.

Students should certainly read journalism job listings every week — to keep up to speed on which opportunities are out there, and to ensure that they’re picking up suitable skills for their career.

Side note: In Britain, Telegraph Media Group has made serious job cuts in recent months. Not surprising, right? But this might surprise you: The same company now says it “will create 40 new editorial positions across its print and online operations.” I don’t know if this kind of thing will happen in the U.S., but maybe the young journalists shouldn’t throw in the towel just yet.

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  2. Amy Gahran says:

    Thanks Mindy, glad you found this useful. One other great resource I’d like to suggest for journalists and other people with journalism skills seeking job opportunities that will take them into the future of media (or let them help shape it) is http://BlogHer.com.

    It’s really not just about blogging, and it’s not just for women. And it is hands-down the single best media/tech networking opportunity I’ve encountered. I can’t tell you how much I’ve benefited personally and professionally from participating in that community. Frankly, it blows away journalism conferences in that regard.

    And the annual BlogHer conference is this weekend in SF. I’m heading out tomorrow. Hope to see you at a BlogHer conference sometime!

    - Amy Gahran

  3. Mindy says:

    Thanks for the add, Amy. Someday I will probably check out the BlogHer universe … Have fun in San Francisco!

  4. Newley says:

    Really great post, Mindy. Thanks for the resources and the food for thought.

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