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Visual journalism: Many ways to tell the story

Photojournalists have stood at the center of the transformation in most newspaper newsrooms during the past 10 years. That’s not to say they always had a voice in how changes were made — but much of the new workload fell onto their shoulders. As a staff photographer at The Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat & Chronicle for […]

The reality for journalists to face, squarely, now

Found via Delicious — David Schlesinger, editor in chief for Reuters News, said this in a speech to the International Olympics Committee Press Commission on June 23, 2009: We in the traditional media … must concentrate our efforts on defining and developing that which really adds value. That means understanding what really can be exclusive […]

Teaching students to integrate multimedia tools, storytelling

Today I took questions in a live chat hosted at Poynter.org on this topic. According to an in-line poll, 36 percent of those attending were college educators, and 33 percent were full-time journalists. More than 50 people logged in. The questions were really good! You can read a complete transcript of the archived chat. You […]

The new visual journalist

To find out what’s needed in today’s newsrooms, in mid-June I asked photo editors and multimedia producers at four newspapers which skills are still in short supply. Video editing, storytelling and audio skills led the list. Even though his newspaper, The Spokesman-Review, has pulled back from its earlier online ambitions, Colin Mulvany said today’s visual […]

Multimedia training for journalism educators

Two different opportunities: Who: Freedom Forum Diversity Institute Where: Nashville, Tenn. When: Aug. 9 – 14, 2009 Cost: $850 (some meals included) Housing: “Reduced-rate lodging  at additional cost” Registration: here The other one is not hands-on; it will focus on how projects are produced: Who: MediaStorm Where: Brooklyn, N.Y. When: July 27 – 31, 2009 […]

Why does anyone major in journalism?

See also: Getting a journalism degree, getting a journalism job See also: All posts in the “Jobs” category We have college classrooms full of young people who have chosen journalism as their major. One question is: Do they actually intend to pursue journalism? Another question: Is our curriculum preparing them to be journalists in the […]

Some thoughts about photo galleries

I was looking at this Iran protest slideshow from The New York Times today. It does not have audio, and so I would normally call it a gallery — not a slideshow. But it is carefully captioned, with factual material that goes beyond what we see in the photos, and there is a story of […]