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Updated tutorials for Audacity (audio editing)

I finally revised and updated the three tutorials I use to teach journalism students and professionals how to edit audio using Audacity, a free program that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Super-Fast Guide to Audio Editing (PDF, 290 KB) Editing Audio with Audacity (Part 2) (PDF, 181 KB) Setting up preferences in Audacity (PDF, […]

Journalists must build a personal brand: 10 tips

This post was inspired by one written by Joe Grimm, the longtime journalism jobs adviser. DigiDave (Dave Cohn) is a living example of this — and naturally, he has written a blog post about the topic. Ryan Sholin cautions us to be authentic in this pursuit — an honest brand is valuable; a fake or […]

RGMP 15: Maintain and update your skills

I made a list of 15 topics in multimedia journalism one day in February; from that list came this series of blog posts titled “Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency.” With this, the 15th post, we have come to the end of the road, six months later. NOTE: At the end of this post you’ll find […]

How to teach online journalism: 6 questions

We’ve reached the point where having journalism students take one isolated class about “online journalism” is not sufficient. Ideally, online reporting and editing skills (and associated ethics) would be integrated into every reporting and editing class. If that’s not happening, then your program will need to offer specialized courses. Here are a few guidelines: A […]

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These posts have garnered the largest number of comments and trackbacks from readers of this blog: The survival of journalism: 10 simple facts When discussing the future of newspapers, don’t waste time beating the dead horses. Advice to journalism students: Forget grad school! I advocate working for a few years before deciding on a graduate […]