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Now printable! Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency

Many, many people asked me to create a single PDF version of all 15 posts in my RGMP series on this blog. It’s done.

Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency (PDF; 536 KB)

This 42-page document is fully linked and usable online in most Web browsers, or in Adobe Reader, or in Preview on the Mac OS. In other words, you don’t need to print it. But if that’s what you want, go right ahead.

If you’re viewing the RGMP in Adobe Reader (free for Windows and Mac), you can click around in the expanded table of contents if you open the Bookmarks navigation pane (below, seen at left): View menu > Navigation Panels > Bookmarks

On the Mac, if you’re viewing the RGMP in Preview, you can click around in the expanded table of contents if you open the Sidebar panel (below, seen at right): View menu > Sidebar

The entire document is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. That means you are free to share, distribute, reuse and even remix it, but only if you fulfill the stated conditions in the license.

Attribution: You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). Here is the manner specified: Keep my name, Mindy McAdams, on any version or part of the work you copy, share, use, etc., and ALSO include the URL of my home page: http://mindymcadams.com/

Noncommercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes. You cannot sell it or include it in something you are selling. If you are presenting a face-to-face workshop and getting paid to do so, you may use this document IF you attribute (as explained above) AND share alike (see below).

Share Alike: If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one. THIS INCLUDES translations into other languages. If you translate this document or any part of it, you must attach the same license to your translation and make it available online without charge.

Please leave a comment here if you’re going to distribute it in your newsroom or use it with your students. I’d love to know!


Update (Nov. 11, 2012): See all links to translations here.

Languages available: Chinese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

If you create a translation, please let me know!

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  1. Ellen Mrja says:

    Thank you, Mindy, for once again sharing your expertise so generously and so widely. I will share this with students and journalist friends alike. All the best.

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  3. Jill Van Wyke says:

    Thank you again, Mindy, for graciously sharing your knowledge. This will be a fabulous all-in-one resource.

  4. Mindy,
    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been holding the individual posts on my Google Reader and I think I had lost some. I’ve shared the link with the senior thesis class at the University of Missouri.

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  6. Mindy,
    Thanks so much for creating this amazing compilation of your posts into this guide! I will definitely be sharing it with my j-students this fall. Thanks!

    Amy Schmitz Weiss

  7. Lauren Hertel says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this on the plane Tuesday… thanks for making it work offline!

  8. Tim Lester says:

    Thank you Mindy for your work in making this knowledge available. It’s exciting to come across this kind of quality advice!

  9. Mary McGuire says:


    Yes, I will be sure to share this valuable resource with my students. Thanks for taking the time to pull all this together, for sharing it so widely, and for making it so clear and useful.

  10. Bob Stepno says:

    Thanks, Mindy. I’ve been pointing students and faculty colleagues to your original posts… and now, the convenience of one-stop shopping! You’re terrific.

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  12. christophe says:

    Thanks for graciously sharing your knowledge !

  13. [...] a no-brainer: when Mindy MacAdams says she got 15 of her posts together in a pdf so we can improve our journo-fu, we download it. [...]

  14. [...] a no-brainer: when Mindy MacAdams says she got 15 of her posts together in a pdf so we can improve our journo-fu, we download it. [...]

  15. Ellen, Jill, Lauren, Mary, Bob — thanks for your support! Let me know if you find any errors.

  16. Thanks to everyone who posted a link to the guide! So far there have been more than 700 views/downloads of the PDF.

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  18. It’s all here. it’s succinct and comprehensive.
    The guide provides a solid foundation for anybody interested in multi-media storytelling. It’s great for beginners, and has useful tips for advanced practitioners.

  19. Thanks, Mindy! Thanks for packaging these posts. I teach journalism and advise student media at CSU Northridge… just posted this for my students.

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  22. Anna Rodrigues says:

    Thank you for making this resource available. I will be posting the information on globalstudentjournalists.net

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  25. Anita Matthews says:

    Thank you Mindy for this great resource! I started teaching part time at Taylor’s College here in March and am into my 2nd batch of students. Though the course is CAIR (I = investigative), I feel that the online and multimedia components are far more useful at our evolving newsrooms. However I struggle to cover the components as the course requires they complete three written assignments that involve the use of databases & spreadsheets. But I do my best to integrate as many online & multimedia elements as possible in the investigative reporting process. Sounds like patchwork ☹ I have a long way to go. I hope m class will continue the learning via RGMP after our 14 classes.

  26. María Elena says:

    Thanks Mindy!! I teach journalism at Córdoba Argentina. I will share this with my students!

  27. Madhu Soman says:

    Hi Mandy,

    Really useful compilation. Have suggested it for wider distribution within Reuters editorial. Will let you know if/when it’s done.


  28. Antoine says:

    Mindy, this is a godsend. Thank you. I’m the editor with a Website. The publisher and I have disagreed on the quality of writing for the Website, he expects me to teach those who contribute to the site about writing and about being journalists. Also, along with a few other volunteers, I’m attending a meeting this evening to plan classes for the school year for high school seniors in NYC who want to be journalists. Thank you.

  29. @Madhu Soman – If Reuters wants to distribute it, I suggest they put the download on one of their own servers. Just a suggestion.

    @Antoine – The RGMP assumes you already know the ethics and practices of journalism. Also, it does not teach you how to write. If you have untrained people contributing to your site, you really should do something to teach them how to be honest, accurate, and ethical. IMHO.

    You can check the resources here for some helpful links for that (under “Resources for Bloggers”):



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  32. Thanks for putting this together! Sharing this with the staff in a minute.

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  34. Hi Mindy,

    congratulations for this guide. An excellent work. Post to my website right now!!!

    Best wishes,

    Carlos Gámez

  35. Jason Dean says:

    This is a great resource. I plan forward it to those in my newsroom that want to do more with multimedia.

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  39. Kieran Daly says:

    …but if you need to click on the link to download Acrobat Reader and need to be reassured that it’s free then you should probably realise that you may have a way to go in developing your multimedia proficiency.

    Great guide though.

  40. @Kieran Daly – I agree with you, but the guide does address those folks who do not know what FTP is, or how to view file extensions in Windows.

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  46. Beth says:

    Thanks so much for this. The transition to multimedia isn’t always easy, but your step-by-step guide is a godsend. I’m definitely sharing this with others.



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