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Contents of a journalist’s backpack

Neerav Bhatt describes himself as a professional blogger, photographer, geek and qualified librarian. Okay, so he never says “journalist,” but if you read his post that accompanied the photo below, I think you’ll forgive my headline. He’s got some interesting choices (which he explains in his post) and gives some very practical advice too. I […]

Teaching Twitter to students

This semester I took a course I have been teaching for 10 years and moved it to a WordPress.com blog. The students and I still meet in person once a week to discuss ideas, but otherwise, everything is on the blog. Each student was required to start his or her own WordPress.com blog, and all […]

Smacking down the hierarchies

My favorite word this week is heterarchy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a favorite word before, and I confess I was not familiar with the meaning of this one when I saw it in an article from one of those scholarly journals at which journalists like to scoff. So I turned to merriam-webster.com, as […]