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Best advice for Soundslides

I was asking around recently, among my friends at other j-schools who teach photojournalism. Yes, they are still teaching Soundslides. The No. 1 reason is almost unanimous: It’s a great transition from making stills to making video. I think it also helps — a lot — with teaching storytelling. Right now I’m in the midst […]

Storytelling 101 with ‘The Annoying Orange’

Let’s look at storytelling again. I always use this diagram to show students how to structure a very short video story or audio slideshow (120 seconds): Recently a student showed me this video, and I noticed that at about 1 min. 30 sec., it illustrates the story arc perfectly! The opening has elements that grab […]

Journalism education: Irrelevant, or lacking context?

Journalism students around the world seem to be very similar. Many of them say this: Personally, I enrolled in a journalism course because I wanted to get into magazines or newspaper column writing — less hard news, more conversational. That comes from a June 2010 column at MediaShift, written by Australian j-school grad Tammi Ireland. […]

Boring old news media: Still boring, still old

I was just rereading a post by Steve Yelvington — whom I used to call the smartest man in online journalism (and he may still be — it’s just that there are so many more people in it now, it’s hard to name just one). Steve’s post (A tablet revolution: It’s like it’s the ’70s […]