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The courses a student wishes he had taken

As he prepares to graduate, University of Oregon public relations student Sam Drake reflects on the courses he did not take:

Read his full post here.

A lot of students tell me after graduation that they wish they had taken this or that — usually some technology-oriented courses that were offered as electives in our journalism program.

And why didn’t they sign up and take those courses when they had the chance? Only they can answer that.

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  1. Derek W says:

    The best non-journalism classes I took were English Grammar and Intro to Human Geology. Grammar is obvious, but Human Geo introduced me to how governments categorize and count their populations and demographics. Just knowing the terminology is a boon when looking municipal records.

    To pose a possible answer to your question, My Freshman Year reveals multiple non-curricular influences in selecting courses like scheduling preferences and Gen. Ed. requirements.

  2. Thanks, Derek. Is My Freshman Year a book?

  3. Derek W says:

    Yes it is, and the full title says it all. My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student

    It is a short, inexpensive book with some good insights to offer.

  4. That looks like a good book — thanks! I downloaded the first chapter for Kindle to check it out.

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