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Flash graphic: A clear and usable map

A really nice-looking Flash map at the Miami Herald shows what a good artist and a good Flash designer can do when they put their talents together. You have a very pretty map of South America and Africa from Marco Ruiz, and very easy-to-use layover information boxes called up by buttons, thanks to the Flash […]

New — Soundslides Plus

The fabulously popular Soundslides program is now available in two flavors: regular and Plus. The regular product is still $40. The Plus version is $70. Both flavors are available in Windows and Mac versions. Plus provides a bunch of extra visual features that photographers have been clamoring for, but which beginners probably do not need. […]

32 remembered (online graphics)

Compare two presentations that honor the victims at Virginia Tech: From The Roanoke Times: Individual profiles linked at bottom; individual bios open in a new window. From The New York Times: Pure Flash, even though some aspects look like Lightbox — but it’s a pure SWF embedded in the page with a database back-end. Links […]

NPPA – BOP winners: Best Multimedia Package

Among sites with more than 2 million page views per month: Being A Black Man (washingtonpost.com) Excellent, humongous. Probably the biggest Web package ever made. But of immense journalistic value. I’m not complaining. The Lifeline (latimes.com) A Sister’s Gift (Rocky Mountain News) Well done, but long. (HM) The Vanishing Class (latimes.com) Too many pieces and […]

Multimedia package: Liberians in Minnesota

Just out from the Star Tribune, which produces some of the best online journalism stories anywhere, this large package about immigrants from Liberia points the way toward improving journalism interface design. Now, the story is excellent, and there’s great reporting here, and stunning photography too. The audio sequence in the intro Soundslides just blew me […]

Documentary video — short examples

I like to catch Frontline/World on PBS, and with a little help from TiVo, I was lucky enough to see three attention-gripping documentary shorts earlier this week. Now I just found a news item that says all three shorts were made by recent graduates of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California […]

Put yourself in Darfur (Flash game)

MTV made a Flash game to explain some facts about the deadly situation in Sudan: Darfur Is Dying. News junkies: Check out this informative package from mtvU about Sudan. I just found this today. Looks like there’s a lot of material here that I can use in classes about online journalism. Technorati tags: journalism | […]