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Journalists must build a personal brand: 10 tips

This post was inspired by one written by Joe Grimm, the longtime journalism jobs adviser. DigiDave (Dave Cohn) is a living example of this — and naturally, he has written a blog post about the topic. Ryan Sholin cautions us to be authentic in this pursuit — an honest brand is valuable; a fake or […]

How to teach online journalism: 6 questions

We’ve reached the point where having journalism students take one isolated class about “online journalism” is not sufficient. Ideally, online reporting and editing skills (and associated ethics) would be integrated into every reporting and editing class. If that’s not happening, then your program will need to offer specialized courses. Here are a few guidelines: A […]

The reality for journalists to face, squarely, now

Found via Delicious — David Schlesinger, editor in chief for Reuters News, said this in a speech to the International Olympics Committee Press Commission on June 23, 2009: We in the traditional media … must concentrate our efforts on defining and developing that which really adds value. That means understanding what really can be exclusive […]

Social journalism: Back to the future

Engagement — one of three legs needed to support successful social media projects. (The others are inclusion and aggregation.) What does this mean for journalists, for news organizations? Paul Gillin, a social media consultant and former technology journalist, says journalists have to play “to people’s particular interests” if we hope to engage the public. I […]

Does journalism create value?

Robert G. Picard impressed me as an awesomely smart person when I first saw him speak at a small online journalism conference a few years ago. Later I found out that he’s well-known and respected in the field of media economics. Last month an essay of his was published with the headline Why journalists deserve […]

The Internet: Not a parasite on journalism

I enjoyed this post by Shane Richmond at Telegraph.co.uk, in which he discusses David Simon’s ignorance about the Web and online journalism: If ‘amateurs’ like David Simon can make The Wire, why can’t they do journalism? Unlike some folks, I do love The Wire, the TV series about the mess most American cities are in […]

The post-print revolution continues

From Steven Johnson, writing April 20 in The Wall Street Journal, reflecting on an experience with his Kindle: I knew then that the book’s migration to the digital realm would not be a simple matter of trading ink for pixels, but would likely change the way we read, write and sell books in profound ways. […]