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When plagiarism comes out, stand your ground

The recent case of the president of Hungary does not involve any transgression of journalism ethics. Yet plagiarism is a plague in our high schools and universities — in every country around the world, so far as I can tell. As a journalist and an educator, I consider this an ethical issue for everyone. We […]

Multimedia journalism “master classes” online

A series of (temporarily) free “master classes” about multimedia journalism just got under way. Andy Bull, a journalism trainer based in the United Kingdom, is offering the classes online in a limited-release format: Each will be available online, free, for a short time, and then disappear behind a paywall. A list of 12 topic areas […]

Getting that first job in journalism

Internships. Portfolio. Real work (not work assigned in a class). Not necessarily paid work — but journalism work that some respectable organization saw fit to publish, with your name on it. Lacking these, a new journalism graduate is behind the curve. There are not so many jobs out there that you can afford to make […]

Getting a journalism degree, getting a journalism job

This is an endorsement I like to see: I have never once regretted studying journalism. And I am not alone. That comes from Elana Zak, writing at 10,000 Words on June 24. According to her post, she received a journalism degree in June 2007, got a job three months later, and has “been gainfully employed […]

Branding: Should journalists build a personal brand?

If you’re teaching journalism today, you must be aware of the discussion that surrounds branding. If you’re a young journalist, or someone planning to enter the field of journalism, you need to understand what personal branding means. On June 23, Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten wrote about this, and in summary, he said it’s a […]

Data journalism and programmer journalists

Some good stuff on this topic: Debate over journalism’s required skills gets heated, by Robert Hernandez: I do not believe you need to master programming to succeed in journalism. I do believe you need to respect and understand the power of each and every craft, not just programming, but photography, design, texts, etc. that make […]

Nitpicking some myths about digital journalism

Andy Boyle wrote a response to Mark S. Luckie’s blog post 5 myths about digital journalism, and because I left a comment on Mark’s post, Andy called me out on Twitter. Now, I know Mark a little and Andy not at all (except via his tweets), but I think they are both bright and sincere […]