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Now in Portuguese and Chinese: Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency

A new translation of this guide is now available, thanks to the efforts of Alessandra de Falco, a journalism professor at Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei in Brazil. She uses the guide in her classes. Em Português: Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency (PDF; 1 MB) Also, I neglected to post earlier about a new […]

What should be in a “visual journalism” course?

One meaning of the phrase “visual journalism” is simply photojournalism. There are people who use the two terms interchangeably. I respectfully disagree with that approach — mainly because the word “photojournalism” is perfectly good, and clear. It is a word that can easily embrace video journalism (but maybe not TV journalism, which I see as […]

Multimedia journalism “master classes” online

A series of (temporarily) free “master classes” about multimedia journalism just got under way. Andy Bull, a journalism trainer based in the United Kingdom, is offering the classes online in a limited-release format: Each will be available online, free, for a short time, and then disappear behind a paywall. A list of 12 topic areas […]

Audio slideshows by journalism students

Sometimes it’s a challenge to find appropriate examples to show to students. Of course we professors love to show them work by top multimedia journalists — but that can be intimidating. Seeing good work by other students can inspire undergraduates to step up and do better. All of these audio slideshows were produced by students. […]

Classroom helpers for j-school

In the fall, when the new school year begins in the northern hemisphere, older posts on this blog find a new life. I’m so happy to see that people are finding useful things here! These are some of the top posts from the past week: How to shoot video interviews Getting started with WordPress A […]

10 Rules for Visual Storytelling

For some people, “visual storytelling” means photographs. For others, it means film or video. An epic movie such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy may spring to mind — and few would disagree with that as a fine example of visual storytelling. In journalism writing classes, students learn: “Show, don’t tell.” When we provide […]

Tune up your skills this summer

Looking over my Google Analytics data today, I found that these are some of the most-visited pages on this blog: How to shoot video interviews Why does anyone major in journalism? A few words about digital audio recorders Recording phone calls: For reporters Now printable! Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency 10 useful resources about data […]