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Smarter(5): A list for journalism students

Planet Money Makes a T-shirt. Why Are Upworthy Headlines Suddenly Everywhere? Do mobile-friendly redesigns run the risk of frustrating desktop users?

Smarter(4): A list for journalism students

Medium’s metric that matters: Total Time Reading. Design, testing and launching new products at BuzzFeed. Free Expression, Surveillance, and the Fight Against Impunity.

A stupid way to handle online video

Great post from Jerry Lazar, posted Sunday: … a lot of newspapers — perhaps cowed by their own clueless attorneys — similarly do not allow their videos to appear anywhere but on their own Websites, essentially guaranteeing that nobody outside their own geographic area will stumble upon it. This is despite the fact that newspapers […]

Online video, audiences, sharing: Putting it all together

I thought about titling this post “Another stupid way news sites waste time and effort by failing to understand the Web and how people use it,” but I thought maybe that was far too broad, since it covers so many things. This post is really about how journalism organizations could use video intelligently: Embedding Linking […]

Boring old news media: Still boring, still old

I was just rereading a post by Steve Yelvington — whom I used to call the smartest man in online journalism (and he may still be — it’s just that there are so many more people in it now, it’s hard to name just one). Steve’s post (A tablet revolution: It’s like it’s the ’70s […]

Teaching Twitter to students

This semester I took a course I have been teaching for 10 years and moved it to a WordPress.com blog. The students and I still meet in person once a week to discuss ideas, but otherwise, everything is on the blog. Each student was required to start his or her own WordPress.com blog, and all […]

Feedly puts the magic back into RSS and blogs

Have you been neglecting your RSS feeds? Has it been weeks or months since you opened your RSS feed reader? Yeah. Me too. I blame Twitter. I get so many links and news updates via TweetDeck on my desktop, and via Twitterific on my iPhone, I just don’t feel the need to open Google Reader […]