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Multimedia journalism “master classes” online

A series of (temporarily) free “master classes” about multimedia journalism just got under way. Andy Bull, a journalism trainer based in the United Kingdom, is offering the classes online in a limited-release format: Each will be available online, free, for a short time, and then disappear behind a paywall. A list of 12 topic areas […]

Two good books for learning JavaScript, jQuery

Since about March this year, I’ve been searching for a few good, clear books to recommend to journalists and students who are interested in learning to use jQuery — with an eye toward getting ready for HTML5. You could just leap straight into jQuery, but I think it would make more sense to get a […]

Book review: Getting Started with Audacity 1.3

For multimedia reporting, I use only a few software applications in teaching: Audacity, Photoshop, Soundslides, and Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. These are entry level, and mostly free. (The reason we teach Photoshop instead of a free app is because Photoshop is the industry standard in journalism. Soundslides is not free, but it’s priced under […]

Tips for HTML5, part 1

We’re in a transition time, and students need to understand that. This begins a new series of short posts, which will appear on no set or special schedule. The intention is to record discrete items of information that we will need to teach journalism students about the new developments coming out of W3C and WHATWG […]

The post-print revolution continues

From Steven Johnson, writing April 20 in The Wall Street Journal, reflecting on an experience with his Kindle: I knew then that the book’s migration to the digital realm would not be a simple matter of trading ink for pixels, but would likely change the way we read, write and sell books in profound ways. […]

Save journalism, save the world

Yesterday I finished reading this book: SuperMedia: Saving Journalism So It Can Save the World. Consider this a hearty recommendation.  Taking an idea first expounded by Jeff Jarvis, British broadcast journalist Charlie Beckett stays on point in 170 pages of well-reasoned argument about exactly how journalism has already changed — and how today’s journalists and […]

Books acquired today

I picked these up at the annual convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication: Blog Wars, by David D. Perlmutter SuperMedia: Saving Journalism So It Can Save the World, by Charlie Beckett The Politics of News, the News of Politics, 2nd edition, edited by Graber, McQuail and Norris Hoping to choose […]