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Journalism 101: Pictures sell news

Too many people in the journalism field still don’t get it: Great photography tells a story. And it sells the story too. Here’s an example of how it pays — yes, actually pays, in terms of bigger audiences — to understand that. “D” is a local magazine for the Dallas – Fort Worth (Texas) area. […]

‘We who rule content must start making decisions’

The news is not all bad: The research we did in cities in the U.S. and abroad this past summer provided compelling evidence that the news is as valuable as ever — even in an age where screen-based headlines overwhelm the senses and the next update is never more than a mouse-click away. Young people […]

What I want from my newspaper

It would be really helpful if I knew what was going on in my local area. I don’t have time for a scavenger hunt through the unsightly clutter of real estate ads, etc. I don’t need my local daily to tell me about international news I already read about yesterday at BBC News online. Personal […]

Good news for newspaper Web sites

Double growth rates — according to a Nielsen//NetRatings study, “the audience for newspaper Web sites is growing at nearly twice the rate of the overall online audience.” The study was described in a press release from the Newspaper Association of America. “An average of more than 59 million people (37.6 percent of all active Internet […]

A practical view from a media CEO

If he were founding Spain’s renowned newspaper El País today, “it probably would not be on paper,” said Juan Luis Cebrián, chief executive officer of both Grupo Prisa and El País. “It would be something on the Internet, and [along with it] a paper version that could be expected to have some appeal.” He said […]

I hope no one has to tell you this …

Read 10 obvious things about the future of newspapers you need to get through your head — from Ryan Sholin. It’s a great list, and even though I agree with Ryan that they are, in fact, “obvious,” that doesn’t mean that everyone in journalism knows these. Sad but true. If there’s anything on the list […]

Pageviews, buh-bye! Better metrics on the way

Terry Heaton has the word: If your web advertising strategy is built around page views, you’re going to have to find another way to sell. We’ve been saying this day would come for a long time, and today, The Wall St. Journal is reporting that Nielsen//NetRatings will drop the page view as a metric to […]