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Aggregation and curation in journalism

About two months ago, I had to explain the concept and use of aggregation in online journalism to a group of journalists (mostly editors) in Vietnam. I found most of my material in this blog post by Steve Buttry — and in fact, much of what you need to know is in his headline: Link, attribute, […]

Resources for learning about social media

I have been collecting posts, articles, tutorials and general how-to materials that relate to how journalists use social media. I started about two weeks ago, as I prepare for a workshop in Singapore. They are curated here: Social Media and Journalists. The collection is housed at Scoop.it, a curation site that goes a step beyond […]

People see value in curation

I think it’s very cool that 1,126 people visited this blog yesterday. The number of retweets on the link to my post about social media tools for journalists really drove the traffic. What’s even more encouraging is that a lot of links in my post were clicked. That’s wonderful, because it takes a long time […]