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Journalism education: There is no spoon

At a journalism education conference in Canada recently, it appears media economics scholar Robert Picard gave a stirring keynote address. Stirring as in “stir things up!” He began by reminding the audience that journalism and the media environment today are vastly different from what they were in the previous century. I’d say the decline began […]

Is it stupid to major in journalism?

A funny thing about writing a blog for a long time is that sometimes you want to write a post … and you discover that you have already written it. My original post (from two years ago) seems to be just as valid today:¬†Why does anyone major in journalism? So I read it and thought […]

Skills for journalists: The basics

Jennifer Peebles — a self-described “old geezer who used to work at a newspaper” — wrote a post at the SPJ Net Worked blog titled Digital media skills every young journalist needs. Like a lot of old geezers (I say that with affection!), she started with the fundamentals: Be honest, accurate, fair, etc. I found […]

Skills for journalists: Again, the question

What skills does today’s journalist need to have? I do not think this question has only one answer. In a comment on a blog post by Robert Hernandez, Michael Grimaldi wrote: The highest skill of journalism is knowing the number of questions to ask, how many people of whom to ask them, and then reporting […]

Advice for journalism educators in Africa

While I was attending the annual Online News Association conference a week ago, one of several great panels I sat in on was titled “From Earthquakes to Coups: Tools for Crisis Reporting.” I’ve been interested in crisis mapping and other crowdsourced efforts during disasters ever since I learned how valuable these were after the earthquake […]

Boring old news media: Still boring, still old

I was just rereading a post by Steve Yelvington — whom I used to call the smartest man in online journalism (and he may still be — it’s just that there are so many more people in it now, it’s hard to name just one). Steve’s post (A tablet revolution: It’s like it’s the ’70s […]

New York Times seeks multimedia journalism interns

Poking around in The New York Times’s job listings, I found this description of three distinct internships “in the Web Newsroom of The New York Times”: Front-end Interactive Designer: full skill-set of client-side technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript/Prototype. Experience with Ruby on Rails is a plus. Motion Design Storyteller: working knowledge of AfterEffects and […]