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Smarter(2): A list for journalism students

The Forbes digital content model and power of the long-tail. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube referrals up 52%+ in past year. America’s Shackled Press.

Online graphics from the U.S. election

There’s a fine collection of interesting election graphics from news organizations and some magazines, at DesignO’Blog (thanks for the tip, Mark Barilla). The one from GOOD magazine, while not interactive (print version only), is worth a look — it’s about issues, not votes. You should also check out the 3-D how-each-county-voted map at washingtonpost.com. It […]

Magazines: An argument in favor of print

I asked three journalism professors who teach magazine courses to tell me the top three magazines they would choose to subscribe to in printed form, no matter how good the Web site for the magazine was. Here are their lists, in rank order: Professor No. 1 O (Oprah Winfrey’s magazine) Esquire National Geographic Professor No. […]

Journalism 101: Pictures sell news

Too many people in the journalism field still don’t get it: Great photography tells a story. And it sells the story too. Here’s an example of how it pays — yes, actually pays, in terms of bigger audiences — to understand that. “D” is a local magazine for the Dallas – Fort Worth (Texas) area. […]

Esquire online: Yawn

From Ad Age, Feb. 21: Esquire today became the first of Hearst Magazines’ big books to receive a much-needed web facelift, adding larger photos, easier navigation, an improved search engine and, of course, new online-only content. I don’t know what it looked like before, but this is pretty boring. The design is clean enough, but […]

Beauty and function in design: Orange & Blue

It’s always nice to see a student grow into a thoughtful designer. Our doctoral student Dave Stanton has done just that. Check out his fall 2006 design of the student magazine, Orange & Blue. Ted Spiker’s undergrad magazine class puts out a print version and then hands off the content to JOU 4946, one of […]

Clean and clear design

I was impressed by the ease-of-use at Theme magazine (“a quarterly publication that covers global avant-garde Asian culture for an international readership”). There’s no video or audio, but it’s very graphical — lots of photos. That’s not to say it’s slathered with images — it is not. There’s also lots of text. The only use […]