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Smarter(6): A list for journalism students

Refuge: 18 stories from the Syrian exodus. Scott Klein: Scooped by code. Nathan Yau: Data and visualization year in review, 2013.

Election 2012 maps: Showing data

This was the first U.S. presidential election in the post-Flash era. In 2008, data maps were made with Flash. Now the online mapmakers have moved on to other technologies, largely using JavaScript. Here are three examples, with a full view and a zoom of each: WNYC Radio, New York: LA Times/AP: Huffington Post, Visual.ly: The […]

6 Proposals for Journalism Education Today

I’ve spent a huge amount of time this year thinking about and working on journalism curriculum. From developing and teaching a four-week program to train journalism educators in Africa in the practice of online journalism, to helping with a major overhaul of the undergraduate curriculum in my own department, to my current preparations to teach journalism […]

21 examples of Flash journalism

These are interactive news packages I’ve selected to show to journalism students as we discuss some of the capabilities of Adobe Flash. Many are very recent. 1. Motion The first thing students learn to do in Flash is animation. Although a lot of animation is merely eye candy, it can help to tell the story […]

Spending time with Los Angeles homicides

Have you seen the L.A. Times homicides map? I’m sure you’ve marveled at the New York Times homicides map, and perhaps you have also admired the Boston Globe homicides map. The L.A. map, however, has a lot (a lot!) of fine features that the others lack. One of my students wrote a critique of the […]

Playing with dynamic mapping

[wp_geo_map] Above you should see a map of the location of the ONA09 hotel. It is fully zoomable — it’s a full-feeatured Google Maps embed. Try it out. This was done with the WP-Geo plug-in for WordPress, which we learned to use in the session titled “Dynamic Content Mapping.” Here is the PowerPoint for this […]

The role of Flash in a news organization (Part 1)

Inspired by Mark Luckie’s useful post about where to find the best in Flash journalism, coupled with the recent release of Flash CS4, I thought I might make a stab at discussing strategies for using Flash. On Friday, one of our IT guys installed Flash CS4 on my Windows box at work. Whoa. Radically different! […]