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Journalists: How to get started with Twitter

If you haven’t yet found any value in using Twitter, here’s what you should consider. On the topic of WHY to get started, John Robinson (the editor of the News & Record, in Greensboro, North Carolina) wrote a very good piece for ASNE this week. If you’re not on Twitter, you’re making your job more difficult. […]

Online video still growing, gaining viewers

Just because comedy or humorous videos are the most popular among U.S. adults (source) does not mean journalists should wring their hands and despair about public tastes. What’s more important, I think, is that among people who have broadband Internet access at home, 75 percent watch online videos (source). Moreover, when the Pew Internet researchers […]

Feedly puts the magic back into RSS and blogs

Have you been neglecting your RSS feeds? Has it been weeks or months since you opened your RSS feed reader? Yeah. Me too. I blame Twitter. I get so many links and news updates via TweetDeck on my desktop, and via Twitterific on my iPhone, I just don’t feel the need to open Google Reader […]

iPhone, iPad, mobile Internet: Can we see the future?

As I follow the continuing discussion about the so-called death of Flash, the changes HTML5 will certainly bring, and what lies ahead for journalism, I find myself asking these questions: Of all U.S. Internet users, what percentage will be carrying an iPad two or three years from now? (Note I said carrying, not merely owning.) […]

Seeking a business model for journalism

I came across this chart on a blog authored by three Australian business scholars: The original comes from Steven Johnson’s presentation at SXSW earlier this year, and when I followed the link to his post, I remembered reading it. But I guess I didn’t really spend much time on the chart that time around; I […]

Buzz words of the moment

I’m referring, of course, to “real-time Web” and “augmented reality.” The second such terms hit the mainstream press, we are likely to be bombarded by them for weeks or even months. A Time magazine cover story is probably in the works. (Or have they already done it? I haven’t seen a Time cover recently.) Jon […]

America needs Al Jazeera English

I’m writing to highlight two excellent articles published this month about the international television news network based in Qatar: Why I Love Al Jazeera, by Robert D. Kaplan (The Atlantic) The Most Hated Name in News: Can Al Jazeera English cure what ails North American journalism? by Deborah Campbell (The Walrus) Al Jazeera English ought […]