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Chet Rhodes talks about Washington Post video

From Beet.tv: The reporters in the print newsroom are integrating video shooting into their normal, everyday storytelling, Chet says.

Meet the news audience of tomorrow

Awesome post from Melissa Worden: Looking from the outside in She explains how she consumes and follows news now that she is no longer a working journalist. She is still a news junkie, obviously — but one who never reads a printed newspaper. And she’s clearly online-savvy. I subscribe to news Twitter accounts. CNN posts […]

Why NYTimes.com is a pleasure online

Khoi Vinh, design director of NYTimes.com, was answering readers’ questions online for the past five days. What he looks for when hiring a new employee: [A]n ideal applicant would have very strong traditional graphic design skills; in-depth training in usability and interaction design; practical experience coding XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash; a commercially viable comfort […]

Newsroom training

I’ll be in the Orlando Sentinel newsroom today, doing a bit of basic training (blogging; audio) for a variety of reporters. See the outline.

Better writers needed (and fewer editors)

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Good writing remains one of the stalwart needs in the journalism field. Read this in the context of slashing the number of editors that stand (often belligerently) between a story and the audience. The layers of editing newspapers lavish on stories have long been regarded an essential […]

What are you trying that’s new?

Clay Shirky urged newspapers to experiment more, in a bit he wrote about the future for newspapers — on a “blog forum” (?!) at Britannica.com: … good journalism needs to be subsidized in order to thrive. There is no obvious reason, however, that those subsidies have to continue to come from Bloomingdale’s and BellSouth; what […]

A new documentary about newspapers

See the trailer on YouTube. See the promo Web site. Read a review. Stop the Presses: The American Newspaper in Peril premiered April 2 in Dallas, Texas.