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Smarter(6): A list for journalism students

Refuge: 18 stories from the Syrian exodus. Scott Klein: Scooped by code. Nathan Yau: Data and visualization year in review, 2013.

Your syllabus as a blog: How to do it

For about three years, I have been using WordPress.com (a free blogging site) to create a syllabus for each one of my courses. I first tried it in 2007, and now I’m totally sold on the practice. (See two examples: graduate course; undergrad course.) One of the best features for students: If you choose a […]

Use Instapaper to capture, read blog posts

I’ve been using Instapaper, a free on- and off-line reading tool, for a while, maybe more than a year. Mostly I use it for its most common purpose — to capture very long articles from a Web page and read them later. Often I read them on my Kindle when I’m not connected to wi-fi. […]

Recording phone interviews: A solution that works

Our graduate student E. K. Sommer recently asked for advice on how to record phone interviews, so I pointed her toward an old (but still very popular) post on this blog: Recording phone calls: For reporters. Sommer, however, found a better solution, and she agreed that I could share it here. She tried about four […]

Best social media tools for journalists

What are today’s most popular social media tools? I proposed a short list on the Social Journalism Educators group on Facebook: Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Storify Instagram YouTube WordPress You’ll note (if you roll over and read the tooltip) that none of the links above go to the home page for that tool — instead, I […]

Journalists’ Toolkit: My other blog

Lately I have been spending a lot of time building an online course for our journalism students at the University of Florida. I can’t offer the course to the public because it’s in the university’s distance learning system and open only to enrolled students. However, I have been updating and posting many of the resources […]

Advice for journalism educators in Africa

While I was attending the annual Online News Association conference a week ago, one of several great panels I sat in on was titled “From Earthquakes to Coups: Tools for Crisis Reporting.” I’ve been interested in crisis mapping and other crowdsourced efforts during disasters ever since I learned how valuable these were after the earthquake […]