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iPhone, iPad, mobile Internet: Can we see the future?

As I follow the continuing discussion about the so-called death of Flash, the changes HTML5 will certainly bring, and what lies ahead for journalism, I find myself asking these questions: Of all U.S. Internet users, what percentage will be carrying an iPad two or three years from now? (Note I said carrying, not merely owning.) […]

Twitter, Mumbai, and 10 facts about journalism now

I think everyone knows that what’s happening in Mumbai is on Twitter, being updated live. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch wrote about it on Wednesday, and he has a nice screenshot in the post to show you what it looked like then. Flickr and Wikipedia also provided frequent updates from the ground. Arrington didn’t mention Global […]

The $200 Linux laptop, fully loaded

This baby is amazing. More photos of my new XO laptop are now on Flickr. Previous post about the One Laptop Per Child program here. Buy two, give one, and you get a $200 tax deduction (U.S. residents).

City-wide wireless Internet

Shouldn’t every city have this? Anyone with a laptop computer equipped for wireless access will be able to connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere in the city with the purchase of a $21-per-month account. The wireless connection will be free in two dozen designated zones … EarthLink also will provide discounted accounts of $9.95 […]

Free wi-fi: That’s a REAL community idea

What an amazingly smart idea: FREE wi-fi from your local newspaper. As described by PaidContent (found by way of Journerdism) the idea is that The Pilot will give free wireless Internet access to all of Moore County, North Carolina, and also offer (separately) a pay package of WiMax. What’s totally brilliant about this is that […]