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Smarter(8): A list for journalism students

Callie Schweitzer: How David O. Russell Made Me a Journalist. Matthew Mullenweg: The Intrinsic Value of Blogging. Steve Buttry: You don’t tip competitors on Twitter; you beat them.

Plagiarism and journalism students

When students plagiarize, they take a risk. I guess they tell themselves nothing very bad will happen to them. When journalism students plagiarize, the risk is pretty damned big. For example, you lose your chance to work as a journalist. Ever. I’m going to omit the name of the former student in my university’s journalism […]

Learning how to blog — the right way

Even though the media world is smitten with Pinterest, the newest pretty thing, that old standard of social media — blogging — is far from dead and gone. Blogs are still used for all kinds of professional journalism, from breaking news updates to analysis and backgrounders. Blogs are also used by entrepreneurial independent journalists to […]