Multimedia News Production Workshop 2006

Minneapolis | 11-13 August 2006

Beginning Flash

  1. Overview of the Flash 8 interface
  2. BMPs inside, JPGs outside
  3. Photo file size for the Web (see Tip Sheet/PDF)
  4. Importing and optimizing BMP images
  5. Moving (example: slide.swf)
    • Symbols
    • Keyframes
    • ActionScript: stop();
  6. Zooming (transformation point; example: zoom.swf)
  7. Fading (alpha and 99%; example: fades.swf)
  8. Cross-fades (layer management; example: crossfades.swf)
  9. Adding buttons and frame labels
    (example: zoom_no_mask_with_button.swf)
    • ActionScript: gotoAndPlay();
    • Loading an external JPG via a button (examples.swf; when you download th FLA, you must also get bikers.jpg to load)
  10. Adding text (if we have time)
    • Select the Text Tool from the Tools panel
    • Change settings in the Propertes panel
    • Make sure Text Type says "Static Text"

Download the FLA files from here and open them in Flash to see how they are constructed!

Intermediate Flash

  1. Beyond the simple slideshow: Example 1 | Example 2
  2. Dividing and organizing content
    • Photos
    • Graphics, maps
    • Credits / About This
    • Resource links
  3. Use of Scenes (scenes folder: scenes_with_buttons.swf)
  4. Loading external SWFs into a container SWF
  5. Use of external MP3 files

Download the FLA files from here and open them in Flash to see how they are constructed!


Tip Sheet for how to handle photos in Flash (PDF, 173 KB)

Flash Basics -- follow-along for workshop (PDF, 4 pages, 178 KB)

Flash Intermediate -- follow-along for workshop (PDF, 4 pages, 59 KB)

Files -- SWFs, FLAs, BMPs, JPGs


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