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University of Florida | 6 - 10 July 2009

Video for Newspapers

Newspaper Video Examples

Video online should NOT look like a TV report, with a talking head.

The right subject for video

Angela Grant, who shoots video at the San Antonio Express-News, says there are three things that make a good video:

Here is something you "just have to see": Paraplegic Dog (Spokesman-Review)
Make sure you watch it to the end.

See beginner video stories by UF students (on YouTube).

Shooting video that is easy to edit

For more tips about video, see these posts in the Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency:

Video Player

If you do not have a good video player on your Web site, try the JW FLV Media Player -- it's free!

For yor WordPress.com blog, simply upload your video to YouTube and then embed it in the blog post. Here's how.

Editing video with Windows Movie Maker

See also Journalists' Toolkit: Video for more resources.

Getting started with a simple, free editing tool (like Windows Movie Maker) is better than not learning any video editing at all. Practice with editing makes you a better shooter.