FOPEA / U.S. State Department Workshop for Journalists

Córdoba, Argentina | 24-26 November 2008

Video for Newspapers

Newspaper Video Examples

Video online should NOT look like a TV report, with a talking head.

The right subject for video

Angela Grant, who shoots video at the San Antonio Express-News, says there are three things that make a good video:

Here is something you "just have to see": Paraplegic Dog (Spokesman-Review)
Make sure you watch it to the end.

Shooting video that is easy to edit

Video Player

If you do not have a good video player on your Web site, try the JW FLV Media Player -- it's free!

Editing video with Windows Movie Maker (hands-on) --

See also Journalists' Toolkit: Video for more resources.

Getting started with a simple, free editing tool (like Windows Movie Maker) is better than not learning any video editing at all. Practice with editing makes you a better shooter.