Some Sites for Citizen Journalism

The News Is Now Public: There is some uproar about a cellphone photo from the London bombings — apparently it has been used without regard for the photographer’s rights. We may see a lawsuit …

Then there is this mini-site for CJ. It’s mostly about Hurricane Katrina. (Very different from

Scoopt is very much about photos. The license deal is 50-50 with a three-month exclusivity clause. After that, your rights revert to you. This provides a way for an unknown photographer to get a great shot out in front of the public and get paid for it too.

Rocketboom is not CJ, but it’s … um … kinda like a newscast. Daily, Monday through Friday. Except they’ve been on vacation this week. So they’ve been showing reruns. (Just like ABC’s Lost.)

OhmyNews International is in English. From what I have heard, the traditional journalists in South Korea are trying hard to ignore this juggernaut in their midst. The story about the stem cell research fraud is top news today.

Dan Gillmor, author of We the Media, says he will put together a nonprofit Center for Citizen Media this year.

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