Soundslides explained, by Joe himself

Joe Weiss, creator of Soundslides, was interviewed for a podcast at PopPhoto (see the writeup by Jack Howard or hear the MP3). There’s ALSO an illustrated tutorial! Not that you will need one — but if you’re curious… Read More

5 things you didn’t know about me

Thanks to Bryan Murley, I’m obligated (what obligates me, I’m not sure) to tell you these things: I took two computer science courses in the days before the Web: A 1-credit course in FORTRAN (1978), and a 3-credit… Read More

My university in the Times

The Foundation for the Gator Nation (thanks, Sue!) — If there is any goal that the University of Florida has pursued as fervently as a national football championship for the Gators, it is a place among the nation’s… Read More

Happy anniversary, blog

A year ago today, I started this blog. It’s been really interesting. We all learn best by doing, and I have certainly learned a lot through this experience. One of the more interesting things I have learned: About… Read More

The Year in Pictures’s annual collection is always one of my favorite, favorite things in online journalism. This year, there’s a new design. The photos are nice and big, and there’s no bifurcation — no “Editors’ Picks” and “Readers’ Picks”! Exceptional… Read More

Open your eyes, see what works

The days of “throw it at the wall and see whether it sticks” must come to an end in the newspaper business. What works on the Web? YouTube, Craigslist, MySpace, etc. Why? Because we get to do stuff…. Read More

Size matters for multimedia

I have my main work computer’s screen resolution set at 1024 x 768. That’s a measurement in pixels, for all the non-designers in the crowd. But don’t run away. This is important. Take a look at the two… Read More