Pierre Bourdieu

Pierre who? Yeah, I know. So I read this very nice (and SHORT) piece written by the always excellent Katha Pollitt on the occasion of Bourdieu’s death in 2002. While reading Bourdieu’s (also very SHORT) book On Television,… Read More

Blogging data

Okay, sometimes I will just have to post something about blogging and bloggers. Not that I consider these unimportant in today’s media universe, but bloggers writing about bloggers writing about bloggers is really just too incestuous for me… Read More

What are quizzes for?

Something I have been thinking about a lot this semester. I left my comfy home environment last year and spent eight months in Malaysia. In addition to all the cultural knowledge I gained there, I also thought a… Read More

Online video is NOT ‘broadcast quality’

Larry Pryor wrote a good summary of the annual Poynter convergence confab for journalism educators. Something I heartily agree with: “Because online video is different, a convergence curriculum that stresses conventional broadcast production, the use of high-end equipment,… Read More

Time-shifting and podcasts

I’m listening to NPR’s All Things Considered right now on “live” radio. Sometimes I get home early enough to do that. But when I don’t, I often listen to the program on my desktop computer the next morning,… Read More

Odeo is amazing

Free audio for everyone at Odeo. Technorati tags: podcasting

Slashdot … um … is not new

There’s a two-day-old article on CNNmoney.com (Is Slashdot the future of media?) written by Fortune magazine’s David Kirkpatrick, a senior editor. It’s an informative story, but I thought everyone in journalism had already talked about Slashdot, back around… Read More