What a young journalist should know

Our Journalism Department Advisory Council members came to campus for their once-a-semester visit this week. After a carb-loaded Southern breakfast, they (the council members, most of whom are editors at large newspapers and magazines) and we (the faculty)… Read More

‘Scooping yourself’ no longer feared

Newspaper editors and TV news directors increasingly break stories on their Web sites (Media Mix/Peter Johnson, USA Today, March 19). Organizations as diverse as the Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune (circ. 20,000) and NBC News (via MSNBC.com) do it without… Read More

‘Hardly the profile of a dying industry’

The fate of the North American newspaper is fused to the Internet. Seemingly everyone everywhere has finally admitted it. Yet we continue to produce what Paul Conley calls “silo students” who don’t read print media but want to… Read More

Top Web sites for news, 2005

Nice charts from the 2006 State of the News Media report: These show unique visitors in millions for the year. Top news Web sites, January – December 2005 (Nielsen) Top online news sites, 2004 and 2005 (comScore) The… Read More

Blogs trump press controls

If you care about Malaysia, you already read Jeff Ooi’s excellent blog, Screenshots. For those of you who don’t know, Ooi is a photojournalist and a champion of press freedom — which you don’t find much in Malaysia…. Read More

A new day dawning?

Anthony Moor from the Orlando Sentinel writes in OJR: It is true that at the major news organizations, much of the Web work to date has focused on repurposing content from the legacy newsroom for a digital audience…. Read More

Courageous journalism: Yahoo! News

The 2006 Daniel Pearl Award for Courage and Integrity in Journalism has been awarded to Kevin Sites. In case you (and your students) don’t know about Sites, he’s one of those “backpack journalists” that some old-school newsroom types… Read More