MediaStorm sells exclusive rights to multimedia feature

In a four-day online auction, won the exclusive Internet rights for a feature about Iraqi Kurdistan by photographer Ed Kashi. The feature was produced by MediaStorm. We’ll see the premiere on Nov. 13. Kashi originally shot the… Read More

Awesome action pictures — kayaking

Jacob Hannah made this Soundslides about the World Cup of Freestyle Kayaking for the Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times. First, the action shots are awesome! I just love looking at these. Second, the audio track is very interesting —… Read More

What a Web producer does (in a TV news job)

Call today “TV News Day” at my blog, because here is an informative inside look at the job of a TV news Web producer from Mike McGuff, a Web producer for KTRK-TV in Houston, Texas. Here’s part of… Read More

10 tips for reporters who go on camera

Yes, TV journalists are different. I don’t have a clue what some of these things mean. But hey, that only makes me realize that I still have a lot to learn. Ten Things I’d Teach New Reporters: A… Read More

Exploring Gannett’s "Information Center" idea

I was getting ready to do a list o’ links to all the buzz about the big announcement, starting with a memo posted by Romenesko on Nov. 3. Then I checked in at Google Blog Search and found… Read More

A close look at the newspaper blogs

Andrew Grant-Adamson at Wordblog has posted a thoughtful follow-up to his earlier post about the surprising number of very dull newspaper blogs. A sample: There is no doubt that blogs have become a valuable element in the mix… Read More

Multimedia — just for the photojournalists

The National Press Photographers Association just announced a cool competition for members only! Details here (thanks, Will). There are three categories: Audio Slideshow, single producer – One person shoots, records and edits the show. Audio Slideshow, team produced… Read More