4 things you can do right now to "clue in" to online

Paul Conley went to Folio: Show and helped the magazine editors and publishers in finding their way through the online, digital world:

Most folks seemed most interested in basic, how-to information about content-management systems, multimedia software and writing for the Web.

No problem with that — you’ve got to start somewhere! Here are his top tips:

  • Best cheap thing to do right now (spend $40 on Soundslides)
  • Most fun way to understand online communities (join Second Life)
  • Quickest way to learn RSS and become a better reporter at the same time (sign up for Bloglines)
  • Best subject for a debate back in the newsroom (Creative Commons)

It’s a great list. I wish I’d thought of it first!

One of the biggest mistakes that news people make, I think, is they stay too much inside their own field. They go to journalism Web sites. They read other journalists. They spend their online life too much with online journalism. They need to “go abroad” more and see what non-journalists and non-journalism sites are doing and talking about and getting excited about.

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3 Comments on “4 things you can do right now to "clue in" to online

  1. Excellent tips. We have to have open minds as we move forward.

  2. Hi Mindy…

    well, I’m not so sure about Second Life being fun and easy–set up can be time consuming, and if one doesn’t have broadband, the avatars are hard to manipulate. How we socialize online is something I’m very interested in (been around since ’92) but I’m not sure that the value of Second Life is outpacing the hype

  3. It does seem like everyone discovered Second Life this fall … I guess it must have reaching the tipping point.

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