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The E X C E L L E N T tutorials at are back! There are eight “Video Basics” tutorials specifically about doing video in Flash (the BEST way to do video online! No kidding!). On top of this total sweetness, Lee Brimelow also gives us (free!) two FLV tutorials — one for encoding and one for meta data. These tutes are not for people who are scared to use ActionScript. But if you are brave and willing, you will not regret taking the time to sit through every one of these fine lessons.

Take a look and see what you can do WITHOUT a streaming server. Big. Pretty. Fast. Isn’t that what you want from video?

Surely you have already gone to see the free streaming downloads from ABC TV. They are all in Flash.

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2 Comments on “Best tutorials for Flash video

  1. all of the video we do is progressive download.

    no streaming server is used to stream the video. We actually use a small personal flash comm server to “sniff” out the enduser’s connection to give them the proper version of the file.

    by using the company

    seth gitner
    Multimedia Editor
    The Roanoke Times

  2. What does POPview do for you? I looked at their site … lots of services.

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