Elements of online journalism

Paul Bradshaw posted a list of five (so concise!) elements that make for good online journalism:

  • User involvement
  • Update
  • Linking and transparency
  • Get interactive*
  • Write for the web

* The key thing here is giving your user control, and/or using the range of media available to provide depth.

Click through to his post to get the (also brief) details. It’s good. And worth thinking about.

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3 Comments on “Elements of online journalism

  1. Have you read the book entitled “The Elements of Online Journalism” by Dr. Rey Rosales?

  2. Yes, I have heard of it. It is a self-published book, only 66 pages, from iUniverse.com. I have never seen a copy of it, however.

  3. Cool blog! I teach multimedia journalism, advanced mult production, and interactive news and features. I adopted your textbook last semester (Flash Journ). I was one of the reviewers….

    I wanted to publish a material that can be used in my class right away….So I opted to publishy my book titled “Elements of online journalism” via iUniverse.

    Perhaps we can collaborate on a future project…

    Rey Rosales

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