Great site that teaches Web design

Some people have a knack for visual design, but most people — including most students in a journalism program — really could benefit from some training and instruction.

The Web site examples on this page can be fantastic teaching tools. Not only do you get to see a variety of current design techniques beautifully put into practice; farther down on the page, you also get a helpful breakdown of the common elements making up the designs, such as:

  • Simple layout
  • 3D effects, used sparingly
  • Soft, neutral background colours
  • Strong colour, used sparingly
  • Cute icons, used sparingly
  • Plenty of whitespace
  • Nice big text

Web Design from Scratch is a site filled with resources, and it’s free and not plastered with annoying advertising. It comes to us from Ben Hunt, principal at a British-based Web consulting business called Scratchmedia (hence “from Scratch”).

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