More great advice for news organizations

Shane Richmond of the London Telegraph wrote a pair of very good posts earlier this month. In the second, which also has some excellent comments attached, he provided these suggestions for how media organizations can prepare for the future:

1. Remain relevant by: (a) Serving all your audiences; (b) Trusting your specialists (people on staff who know a lot about their subjects and can explain these to non-specialists); (c) Building personalities: “make sure YOUR writers are the voices people want to hear. Some of your writers will be names already; the others need to be built into names”; (d) Being first — or at least fast; and (e) Creating communities.

2. Make money (more about how to do this in his earlier post).

3. Maintain ownership (for example, “identify the biggest threat to your business and pursue it yourself”; and “develop some kind of licensing system for content”). Ha, if only the newspapers had paid attention to their outdated classified advertising systems back in 1995, when their online staffs urged them to do so!

Enough with the hand-wringing and the throwing stuff up against the wall to “see what sticks.” It’s high time for the news organizations to make short- and long-term goals that realistically account for the continued growth of online and digital media.

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