Multimedia tribute to the American game

As the summer draws to a close, Americans begin thinking about … football! Oops, no, I said that because I live in Gator country, and all we can think about is how hordes of Gator football fans will be swarming into our town very, very soon.

No, in the dog days of summer, an American’s mind surely turns toward the pennant race and the World Series. In towns all across the country without a Major League Baseball team, however, the minor leagues energize crowds and may even outshine the top dogs of the sport.

Capitalizing on the love of any town for the home team, The Roanoke (Va.) Times has created a cleanly designed homage to the Avalanche, the local sluggers. Check out the full package and don’t miss the video breakout “interactive” piece, which flings itself open from a link on the right side. If it doesn’t work from that link, try this one instead.

The cut-out players (in video) look cool, but I found many of the sequences to be a bit too fast, and some of them end abruptly, with the player disappearing or flipping suddenly back to the starting point. I think it would have been more graceful to freeze the final frame.

Overall, the design is uncomplicated and easy to use. I very much like the relationship of the players to the bottom edge of the frame. That’s sweet!

They also did a great job using the same frame design to integrate a collection of seven audio slideshows, each built in Soundslides. This is especially significant because a lot of news sites are posting their Soundslides in a very haphazard fashion. An integrated packaging solution such as Roanoke’s is hugely important for the users’ enjoyment and ease of use.

This is one of the best-looking pieces from Roanoke so far. Makes me crave some peanuts and Cracker Jack.

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One Comment on “Multimedia tribute to the American game

  1. Thanks for the compliments Mindy!

    My job was building and designing the “site” itself, and also how the multimedia pieces would be displayed.

    I ran through most of this in a post on our “404 Not Found” blog. (I also made a post on my personal blog, “Huffyinthestreet” when the Homestand launched.)

    Another sports-related project that has launched (in beta) is the Sports TimesCast. Check it out!

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