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People reading this blog may know all about RSS already, but if you don’t, Mark Glaser at Media Shift has posted a very clear explanation of how to set up your own personal news feed. It’s not overly technical, and he provides good links too.

Even if you don’t read a lot of blogs, you might like using an RSS reader for headlines from traditional news sources. For example, I get New York Times Technology headlines in my RSS reader. See all available New York Times feeds here.

Another tip: Why not use Technorati’s blog finder to discover blogs in a topic area that interests you? Try photojournalism or graphic design — or online journalism, for example. Check out the blog, and if you like it, add it to your feeds. It’s much more efficient than bookmarking.

Glaser’s post found by way of Reinventing College Media (which I read in my RSS reader, Bloglines).

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